This website is operated by RRM Sales.

If you use the RRM Sales website and the products and services that can be found on it, you leave your details with us. In addition, the website leaves a number of types of cookies on your computer. These are used to make the website work better on your device. Below you can read which data RRM Sales can collect, why we do this and what we can do with that data. You can also read which cookies we use and why. This statement applies to our entire website, it therefore applies to visitors, but also, for example, if you sign up for a newsletter.

Cookies by RRM Sales

In order to make this website function better and faster and to tailor it to your preferences, certain data regarding your use of this website is collected. This information can be collected by using so-called 'cookies'. These are small text files that are automatically placed on your computer by the visited web page. You can disable the use of 'cookies' via the settings of your browser. However, this leads to a less efficient functioning of this website. Third parties can also place cookies and track internet behavior, as is the case, for example, with embedded videos from Vimeo and Youtube.

Cookies by third parties

When visiting our website RRM Sales, cookies are also placed by the following third parties:

• Google Adwords (for relevant advertising campaigns and conversion tracking);

• Google Analytics (for relevant advertising campaigns, analyzing visits and traffic sources and conversion tracking);

• Google Console (for analyzing visits and traffic sources);

• Facebook (for relevant advertising campaigns and conversion tracking);

• Doubleclick (for relevant advertising campaigns and conversion tracking);

• Youtube (For playing embedded videos).

How do we get your data?

If you use the RRM Sales website, you sometimes leave personal data with us. You leave your details with us in the following ways:

• Navigation through the website;

• Filling in the contact form;

• Sign Up for Newsletter.

What do we do with your data?

RRM Sales stores and processes your data for the following purposes:

• Collecting and analyzing statistics in order to optimize the website;

• Delivering the products and services that you purchase from us;

• Settling payments;

• Building a contact history;

How do we secure your data?

Your data is stored and sent securely. Anyone who has nothing to do with your data simply cannot access it. RRM Sales strives to store and send your data with the most recent security techniques and encryption methods.

Who does RRM Sales share your data with?

RRM Sales treats your personal data confidentially. We will never sell your data to other parties.

Contact, mailing and/or advertising

If you do receive mail or unwanted advertising, you can always indicate that you no longer want us to contact you. There are never any costs associated with unsubscribing.

Under 18 years old?

If you are a minor, i.e. under the age of 18, you may only give permission for the processing of your personal data with the permission of one of your parents or legal guardian. It is then important that your parent(s) or guardian reads this statement. They can also exercise the rights you have with regard to the personal data you leave with us, such as the right to object to the (further) processing of your personal data or the right to inspect and correct your data.

Insight into your data?

You can always gain insight into the data that RRM Sales has about you. You can submit a written request to this effect to RRM Sales. Based on the RRM Sales results, you can also request that your data be adjusted if it is factually incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant.

Contact details

The website and the personal data you leave here are managed by RRM Sales. For questions and comments about this Privacy Statement, you can always contact us via the contact form.

Third Party Websites

This Privacy and Cookie Statement does not apply to third-party websites that can be visited via links via this website.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Does RRM Sales comply with the GDPR?

Yes, we have taken all kinds of measures to ensure that we comply with the new legislation. For example, we have an SSL certificate on our website, we have adjusted our cookie and privacy statement on the website, we have strict protocols when it comes to login names and passwords and we have insight into exactly which data we process, via which processors and we can demonstrate this, adjust it and remove it on request. In addition, where necessary, we have entered into processing agreements with the external parties that store our data for us (the processors). We also state in every agreement we enter into with our customers what data we process, why we do it and how it can be retrieved and deleted.

General name and address and contact details

When you request a quote from us via the website or other channel, contact us by telephone and/or enter into an agreement with us, the following data will be stored:

Company Name;

• First name;

• Last name;

• Address;

• Postal Code;

• Residence;

• e-mail address;

• Phone number;

• IBAN number (for automatic payments)

We use this information, among other things, to be able to conclude the agreement, to offer and deliver our services and products and to invoice you. In order to process this data, we only use the services of reliable partners (sub-processors) who have shown that your data is stored securely in the Netherlands.

Changes Privacy statement

RRM Sales reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy statement. It is therefore recommended that you check this Privacy statement regularly, so that you are kept informed of these changes. The most current version can always be consulted via the website.