January 18, 2022




About Us – We are Merhorse

We follow the motto of Peter R de Vries
“On bended knees is no way to be free”.

Now that you have ended up here:

Everyone has a right to the truth. The need for reliable information is great and very important.
Facts, not rumors and conspiracies, are accessible and clearly stated.

The world is emerging from the corona crisis, according to Merhorse. As a visitor to this website you do not need to log in or register first, we do not participate in list building, we do not want to violate anyone’s privacy, you have full access to all our videos and articles often written by third parties with citation of the source to click through.

If you would like to contribute to the content and survival of this website, please contact us. If you want, post a comment and improve us along with the world around us.


It’s not about me, it’s about all of us!

All I do is look for relevant articles that provide the necessary information and secrets for all of us. There are visitors in many guises and types. 

One ended up here because he or she came across the correct information via google or another search engine. Congrats!

The other is a webmaster, website owner, or webshop manager. Welcome, everyone! Topics of your choice?  fill in the contact form. To your success! Remoeng