Synternet Mainnet Debuts On Cosmos With Successful Monaco Phase Implementation

Synternet, a pioneering blockchain network, has successfully launched its mainnet on the Cosmos platform. This significant development completes the Monaco phase and introduces a groundbreaking era for the decentralized data economy, enhancing the functionality of the Synternet token, $SYNT.

The launch on Cosmos enables the Synternet mainnet to integrate real monetary value for data within its expansive multi-chain ecosystem. This milestone not only facilitates the practical use of $SYNT but also advances Synternet’s ambitious growth strategy outlined in the Pikes Peak roadmap. Developers now have the opportunity to create cutting-edge applications that leverage secure, real-time data streams from leading blockchain networks.

Cosmos’s robust ecosystem offers an ideal environment for Synternet’s expansion, providing benefits like lower transaction fees and faster processing speeds, which reinforce the project’s mission to make data access more democratic.

“Synternet’s mainnet activation on Cosmos signifies more than a technical achievement—it heralds a transformative phase for the decentralized data sector,” explained Jonas Simanavicius, CTO of Synternet. “The utility of the $SYNT token allows for cost-effective data services, promoting a more accessible and efficient ecosystem.”

Daniel Haudenschild, CEO of Synternet, also commented on the launch, “This mainnet debut marks the fulfillment of our decentralized data economy vision. The $SYNT token now facilitates monetary transactions for data, opening new avenues for developers and enterprises. We’re excited about this achievement and are eager to continue our progress as outlined in our Pikes Peak roadmap.”

Central to Synternet’s ecosystem, the $SYNT token functions as the main currency for purchasing data services. Following the launch, users can leverage $SYNT to buy real-time data from various providers across multiple chains. The platform also offers an appealing staking option for token holders, enabling them to participate in governance through voting on protocol upgrades and resource distribution.

To engage with the Synternet ecosystem and explore opportunities in the decentralized data market, users are invited to register at the staking portal at This site offers a streamlined interface for staking $SYNT and managing tokens.

About Synternet Synternet is a blockchain innovator that develops modular, interoperable data infrastructure for all major blockchain networks. Its Data Layer protocol acts as a versatile execution layer between blockchains, allowing developers to craft tailored applications that operate on data from any network. Explore more about Synternet on our Website  | X | Telegram | Discord

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