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Bangs are going to be big in 2024. Here are our top 5 styles and how to achieve the look.

As with fashion, we are constantly seeing trends from the ’90s re-emerge; bigger and better than ever. In 2024, this has taken the form of a modern-day revival of the fringe haircut. From baby bangs and soft curtains to blunt, statement styles, in 2024 we are embracing the era of the elevated fringe hairstyle. 

We have seen all the bang trends out there and compiled our top 5 looks for this year. Take this blog as your source of inspiration, and save these chic looks to your Pinterest boards. Read on for pictures, products and how to get the look.

1. Curtain Bangs


Curtain bangs may have been around for a while, but with the hashtag #curtainbangs garnering over four and a half billion views on TikTok, it is clearly a trend that is here to stay.

Curtain bangs flatter every face, adding dimension and volume without the commitment of a full fringe. They work on any face with the ability to accentuate your best facial features by altering where the ends fall. For example, those that extend to the corners of your mouth, will draw focus to the lips. Cheekbones are emphasized when the bangs reach the tip of the nose. And those that sit above the eyes will (you guessed it) make your eyes pop. 

How to style this look: These will need a bit of work especially if you are growing in the bangs to keep them pulled apart if bangs are not quite long enough. We suggest after drying clipping them apart during sleep and you will notice they will obey you the next day.


2. Chin Bangs


Chin bangs are the more laid-back and natural-looking alternative to their sister, the curtain bang. Chin bangs are cut a little heavier than typical layers, with wisps of hair gently grazing the jaw rather than falling on the forehead. Sitting just below the chin, they softly frame the face. This style works best on longer locks, sweeping down to highlight and define your facial structure.

How to style this look: Chin bangs can be blow dried forward or back depending your wants.  Use a round brush to give a nice form. Once dried and still warm anchor them behind your ears till cool, it will create a lovely C shape to the bangs. The Iles Finishing Serum is added has an organic memory that will help hold and deliver excellent shine.

3. Baby Bangs


Micro bangs, also known as baby bangs are short bangs that reach an inch or two down your forehead. They’re super short, undeniably bold and they are not going to be for everyone, both in taste and face shape! Baby bangs are particularly suitable for people with smaller faces, who might otherwise get lost behind heavy, full bangs. 

How to get the look: This style works perfectly with the “wet look” trend by simply adding a small amount of Iles Formula Balm. The balm has a lovely moulding texture which will give endless of style possibilities even with super short hair.


4. Wispy Fringe

The Y2K revival continues with wispy bangs. These soft bangs fall loosely over the face allowing the forehead to peek through. The advantage of these bangs is that they are easy to grow out if you want to try another look. Wispy bangs help to soften faces that are particularly angular and striking and work for almost any texture of hair.

How to get this look: Apply the Iles Formula  Finishing Serum on mid length and ends. It’s perfect because it protects hair without any weight. You can dry the hair haphazardly, if hair is straight and with a good cut. The little accidents that dry delivers that breath of fresh air in a freestyle look.

5. Side-swept bangs


As mentioned, the 90’s, Y2K hair revival is hitting the hair. Side-swept bangs are yet another look from the era that are trending right now. As seen on Heidi Klum and Dua Lipa, this fringe sweeps down the side of the face, looking gorgeous as part of an updo or with your hair flowing. 

How to style this look: It’s best to blow dry with the Iles Formula Finishing Serum  and a round brush delivering a silky texture to hair with no stiffness. In fact this serum transforms hair that looks and feels like straw into silk! The serum has an organic memory that naturally holds the shape in place. To keep this look modern the silky texture is everything.

Whatever style you choose, the key is always lustrous hair. Use the Iles Formula Signature Collection to ensure your hair is bouncy and healthy in every style!

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