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Whether it’s a scrub, the right shampoo, or even a steam detox, healthy hair is dependent on a healthy, purified scalp. 

Healthy hair starts with the scalp. It’s 2024, we’re all now well accustomed to our skincare routine, and our scalps, being an extension to our skin, is no different – the best way to take care of the skin on your head is to purify it.

The goal of a scalp detox is to eliminate imperfections and product and dead skin build up. Want stronger, more lustrous locks and a remedy to your itchy scalp. You are in the right place. We have compiled our expert advice for everything you need to know about scalp detoxes.


What is a Scalp Detox?

A scalp detox is the equivalent of a deep cleanse, focused on improving your scalp health. Impurities and any hair product build-up, dead skin cells and dirt is removed. Unclogging your hair follicles helps regulate cell renewal, reduce inflammation and regulate the reduction of sebum and encourages blood circulation. 

A scalp detox involves cleansing and exfoliating, as we often do in our facial skin care routine. The goal is to remove dead cells, product buildup and debris on the scalp. When performed regularly in addition to your usual cleansing routine, this purification has a multitude of benefits for hair and scalp health.

Do You Need a Scalp Detox?

Yes! Everyone can benefit from a scalp detox treatment. It should be an essential part of your hair care routine, working perfectly for all hair types, but especially those with thick, coarse, curly hair and those who regularly use heated tools and products. If you are struggling with oily scalp issues or issues such as hair loss then it is even more vital you incorporate this into your routine. 

At Home Scalp Purification

For a deep scalp treatment, The Iles Formula Scalp Exfoliant is a gentle, high performing, anti-oxidant exfoliate formulated with sustainably sourced ingredients. Rice husk grains unblock clogged pores, remove dead skin and impurities to restore a healthy, breathing scalp and rejuvenated skin.  The sustainably sourced  macro rice grains are chosen over sugar or salt as they hold their integrity longer before melting away, allowing ample time to exfoliate thoroughly. 

Apply generously to a damp scalp + body before cleansing. Add water if necessary and massage in circular movements to encourage the exfoliation process.

When considering your normal hair care routine, it is important to look at the formulas and see whether they are benefiting the scalp or not. Using a gentle cleanser like the Iles Formula Haute Performance Shampoo can create an ideal environment for the delicate hair follicle microbiome. After applying to wet hair, add more water to increase lather. Massage this gently from the scalp to the ends of your locks. Massaging deeply into the scalp, using circular motions with your fingers will stimulate blood circulation. This indulgent lather helps properly cleanse the scalp, and removes any  juices left behind from the exfoliant  without irritating it or causing an imbalance.

Another important haircare product to check is your conditioner. Using a conditioner that deposits heavy proteins on the locks will not only , but also cause strain on the follicles. The Iles Formula Haute Performance Conditioner instantly repairs hair and tightly seals the hair shaft. Its revolutionary formula prevents the heavy overload and build-up that occurs with other popular haircare brands.

These two Formulas used together have been clinically proven to stop hair breakage.

Finally, to promote the anchoring of the hair follicle use a scalp booster such as the Iles Formula Scalp + Hair Rejuvenating Booster. This booster strengthens the structure and metabolism of hair follicles. While it increases circulation and production of amino acids, this fast-absorbing, innovative formula changes the game of scalp care. Utilizing our key ingredient  Procapil derived from Olives and wasabi, tomato and apple extract that stimulates the cells to better develop hair follicles, the Rejuvenating Booster works to effectively reduce signs of all hair loss.

Scalp detox in salon

One of the best ways to do a scalp detox is to go to a hair salon or doctor. Many of our Iles Formula Ambassador Salons offer a full scalp detox and steam treatment personalized to your individual needs and concerns. Following the exfoliation, the steam is used to remove debris and deeply cleanse the scalp. This is often followed by a scalp massage with the Iles Formula Shampoo and Conditioner. Once the product is removed from the hair, a topical product, such as the Iles Formula Finishing Serum, is applied to help restore balance, nourish and style the hair.

In-salon scalp detox treatments offer a luxurious and complete purification of the scalp. If you’re on a budget or don’t have access to this type of treatment, then a simple yet effective hair routine at home is the key to a healthy, thriving scalp. 

Final Thoughts

A regular scalp detox, ideally carried out once a month, helps to keep the scalp and follicles clean, and helps create a healthy environment for hair to continue its normal growth cycle. Facial exfoliation stimulates circulation and removes impurities that can clog pores. A scalp cleanse works in much the same way and is therefore vital for healthy, lustrous hair. Discover Iles Formula scalp care products to restore and maintain a healthy scalp and tresses.


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