Mielle Organics Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary with Founder and CEO Monique Rodriguez

“From One Queen To Another” … In honor of the brand’s 10th anniversary unveiled was a dynamic collaboration with athleisure brand Actively Black and the introduction of the exclusive” Mielle Pink” Pantone shade. MIELLE is making waves in the beauty industry with their groundbreaking collaboration with Pantone Color. They have officially introduced “Mielle Pink” as a Pantone color, trademarking a shade that has become synonymous with their brand and packaging. This unique color not only reinforces their brand’s identity but also solidifies their market presence. But that’s not all! MIELLE has even more surprises in store for their loyal customers. The Mielle and Actively collection ranges from $20-$90 with unisex hoodies and branded sweatbands.

Photo Credit: Actively Black

Monique Rodriguez established MIELLE in 2014 when her hair care routine for her long hair caught the attention of her social media followers. The company took off with the launch of the Advanced Hair Formula, a special blend of herbs, amino acids, and minerals for healthy hair, skin, nails, and immune system support. Under Monique’s leadership, MIELLE has grown to include 10 collections, catering to skin and children as well.

The brand is now available in over 87 countries and stocked in more than 100,000 stores across the U.S., including popular retailers like Sally Beauty, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, JC Penny, and Walmart.  Monique and MIELLE have built a strong social media community of over 1 million followers. They have built a strong community with their viral fan-favorite products, culturally relevant brand ambassadors, and partnerships with influential organizations like the WNBA, HBCUs, and other Black organizations.

In celebration of this significant milestone, MIELLE has planned a yearlong extravaganza, packed with unforgettable experiences for their valued customers. Get ready for a year filled with exciting collaborations and memorable moments!

To learn more about MIELLE and their incredible offerings, visit their website or follow them on social media @mielleorganics and website http://www.mielleorganics.com. And for the exciting Actively Black collaboration, head over to activelyblack.com. Get ready to experience beauty like never before with MIELLE!


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