Ingredients for infant nutrition

dairy ingredients
for infant nutrition

As distributors for <strong>FrieslandCampina</strong>, we offer the most innovative and high quality ingredients, providing technological solutions for our customers.


Our ingredients comply with all the current legislation in the countries in which we are present.

We consider infant feeding a vital part of a young child’s health. For this reason, we continuously investigate to obtain innovative ingredients that favor growth and development during the first few years of their life.




  • Demineralised whey proteins
  • Protein hydrolysates
  • Whey protein concentrates
  • Dairy protein concentrates
  • Caseinates


  • Infant formula Lactose in different size granules


  • Micro-encapsulated LC-Pufa Oils-DHA&ARA
  • Special creams
  • Micro-encapsulated vegetable oil blends
  • Pure milk fat
  • Blend of milks fat & vegetable fat


  • Vivinal Gos & HMO

Infant formulas

  • Base powders
  • Final formulas


What we do


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Biotechnology development (enzymes)

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