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At Iles Formula we celebrate every strand of hair, creating formulas that work with your natural locks, not against them. With advancing science and products created specifically to cater to the needs of ageing hair, it’s the perfect time to examine how you can nurture the thickness and texture of your strands through ageing, radical hormonal shifts, periods of high stress, and beyond.

Let’s discuss haircare for women over 50. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about taking care of your hair as you age and what you can do to make it more resilient for healthy, bouncy, softer, and shinier tresses. 


Conditioner Model with Long Grey Hair 

Hair by our founder, Wendy Iles, using the ILES Signature Collection.


What happens to the scalp and hair as it ages?

As we age, our hair becomes less dense – There’s increased shedding and slower hair growth, more frizz and dryness, less volume, and loss of pigmentation in the hair strands resulting in more grey and white hairs.

If that wasn’t enough, many women are impacted by menopause. The hormonal changes associated with menopause can impact sebum production, which may lead to increased dryness of the scalp and brittleness in hair. It is often linked to hair thinning and hair loss as oestrogen levels decrease.

With texture changes and other needs in mind, Iles Formula’s collection of luxurious hair care formulas are crafted to restore confidence in your hair. Guarding your hair against any unwelcome changes to ensure every strand radiates with timeless elegance. 

How can you restore strength and growth?

When it comes to hair health, it’s important to think holistically, factoring in caring for the scalp, protecting strands, whilst also ensuring proper dietary nutrition. Building scalp awareness and addressing the basic needs of your scalp — cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturising — are essential at any age, but especially as you get older. 

To clear away scalp congestion, such as buildup of natural oils and styling products, give yourself a soft scalp massage. Ensure the scalp is thoroughly cleansed using a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo such as the Award Winning Iles Formula Shampoo.

This exquisite shampoo delicately cleanses your hair without stripping away its natural oils, preserving its luster and vitality. Its unique blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and plant extracts provides a range of benefits that improve the overall health and appearance of your hair, nurturing and enhancing it at the same time. The hair tends to be more porous with age, which can lead to more breakage, which is why the Iles shampoo and conditioner combination is a must for older hair, clinically proven to repair and prevent breakage. 

To help rejuvenate the scalp, consider applying the award winning Iles Formula Scalp and Hair Rejuvenating Booster, proven to increase the growth of thicker, stronger stands. Don’t overload on product, keep to a simple, flawless routine for best results – our motto at Iles Formula is “Minimalism meets maximum performance”, it is all about quality over quantity, avoiding weighing the hair down.

When it comes to greying hair, there are several factors that contribute. Genetics, age, and stress are all commonly known factors. However, one of the biggest causes is now known to be environmental and lifestyle factors. Oxidative stress from free radicals related to pollution, exposure to certain chemicals, sun, smoking, and vitamin deficiencies all contribute to grey hair. It is possible to delay the onset of grey hair by protecting the hair follicle from these oxidative stresses. 

If you’re not yet ready to embrace your gorgeous grey, we can restore existing grey hair to our natural hair color by boosting melanin production. The Iles Formula Grey Delay Booster, accomplishes this through a proprietary blend meticulously designed by the Iles Formula team of scientists. The Grey Delay Booster is a powerful leave in treatment featuring Silverfree™️+ Melanogray™️, stimulating the restoration of grey hair by increasing melanin production.


How to style ageing hair?

When it comes to achieving the hydrated, bouncy hair of your dreams, the focus is the same as always – addressing the needs of your individually distinguished hair type, tenderly managing texture changes, lavishing moisture to combat dryness, and unveiling a luminous brilliance that defies the passing years. 

By embracing products suitable for your hair, you indulge in a luxurious experience that nourishes and enhances the unique characteristics of your strands. These replenish lost moisture, prevent dryness, and invigorate your grey hair, renewing its vibrancy. 

The secret to truly stunning hair lies in the products you use. 

Enter the Iles Formula Finishing Serum. This isn’t your average styling product – the Finishing Serum is a powerhouse that not only tames frizz but also imparts a lustrous shine that makes your hair glow.

Experience the power of award-winning, high-performance formulas designed to transform all hair types, including beautiful grey locks. Iles Formula’s specially formulated products hold the key to taming unruly strands and embracing a newfound elegance. Each application unveils a realm of smoothness and manageability, leaving you with hair that is effortlessly poised and luxuriously touchable. 

Shop our key best sellers for ageing hair below:

Grey Delay Booster

The Signature Collection 

Scalp + Hair  Rejuvenating Booster

For more hair care tips and advice from the Iles Formula team as well as industry professions, check out our hair news journal.

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