Euronext Hosts Portugal Capital Markets Day

Today marks the first edition of the Portugal Capital Markets Day, an initiative dedicated to highlighting the wealth of opportunities available within the Portuguese economy, with a particular focus on the capital markets.

Sponsored by AON, VdA – Vieira de Almeida, and JP Morgan, the event aims to connect investors, corporations, and financial institutions, fostering stronger investment ties and economic growth.

Euronext promoting investment opportunities in Portugal

The Portugal Capital Markets Day focuses on promoting investment opportunities in Portugal, with a focus on listed companies, by showcasing major economic structural trends, as well as relevant insights into selected sectors that are currently experiencing growth and transformation.

Hosted by Euronext, the event seeks to enhance market visibility for Portuguese companies in the global capital markets and provides a platform for meaningful interactions between investors, corporates, financial experts, regulators, and government officials, stimulating networking and collaboration.

Over 100 meetings and around 250 contacts and introductions between company executives and potential investors were conducted, fostering direct and impactful dialogues.

Over 300 people are gathered today in Lisbon in person to hear discussions and insights including sustainable finance, technological innovation, and the future of investment in Portugal.

Euronext and AEM commissioned report on Portugal

The report “Structural Trends Shaping Portugal’s Economy and Growth,” produced by the Centre for Applied Research (CEA) of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa at the request of Euronext and AEM, highlights several key developments in Portugal’s economic landscape. The report identifies five key economic sectors. healthcare, energy, real estate and tourism, agriculture and forestry, and infrastructure.

Isabel Ucha, CEO of Euronext Lisbon and member of the Managing Board of Euronext N.V., said: “Organising the Portugal Capital Markets Day has been a proud achievement for us. This initiative is testament to the breadth of opportunities within the Portuguese economy and a crucial step towards highlighting our potential on the global stage. We are not only showcasing the strength of our current industries but also looking ahead to areas where Portugal can significantly enhance its competitiveness, while looking at the role that capital markets can perform in meeting financing needs. This initiative is a catalyst for future growth, fostering meaningful connections and investments, and we hope it will contribute to drive our companies and our economy forward.”

Miguel Athayde Marques, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AEM, said: “The Portugal Capital Markets Day successfully fills a critical gap and the one-on-one meetings form a vital roadshow for Portuguese companies. This allows the global investment community to engage with the top management of the largest Portuguese companies and see how growth companies are changing the economic scene. The initiative not only connects stakeholders, but also catalyzes new collaborations and investments. It will propel companies to new heights, helping the Portuguese economy to grow in the context of wide European and world markets. We sincerely appreciate the participation of so many business and institutional leaders, including the Minister of State and Finance, the Minister of Economy, and the Chair of CMVM, whose insights enrich our discussions and reinforce Portugal’s commitment to fostering a robust capital market environment.”

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