Blocksquare Unveils Real Estate RWA Launchpad With Community-Driven Marketplace Pools

Blocksquare introduces Oceanpoint v0.5, a new launchpad featuring community-driven Marketplace Pools to enhance decentralized real estate investment and tokenization.

Blocksquare, known for its RWA tokenization protocol, has launched the Oceanpoint v0.5 launchpad. This update includes Marketplace Pools designed to support decentralized real estate investment through community collaboration and tokenization. The new launchpad aims to streamline the funding process for marketplace operators and community members interested in tokenized real estate investments.

A highlight of the launch is the Marketplace Pools feature, which simplifies the support and funding process through community involvement. Operators submit proposals to the BST community, outlining their business plans and key performance indicators. Community members then approve these proposals for investment, starting with a minimum deposit of 500 sBST. The goal is to reach 100,000 sBST to activate full community support and enhanced APY incentives.

“This launch underscores Blocksquare’s drive to progress RWA tokenization through community governance and funding,” said Denis Petrovcic, Co-founder and CEO of Blocksquare. “Oceanpoint v0.5 fosters a decentralized marketplace ecosystem where both community members and marketplace operators have the tools and incentives needed to thrive in this innovative ecosystem.”

The update encourages inclusive participation with flexible contribution limits and secures investments through a dual-lock mechanism, promoting commitment and stability. Community members supporting these initiatives can benefit from higher APY rewards as supported marketplaces grow. Marketplace Operators can gain essential support for their projects more efficiently and demonstrate their commitment by setting performance metric goals within a specified timeframe and depositing a stake as collateral.

To read more about Marketplace Pools, please visit here or join the community forum here.

About Blocksquare

Blocksquare, headquartered in Ljubljana, Slovenia, provides innovative SaaS solutions for blockchain-based real estate tokenization. The platform is designed to power a global network of marketplaces, seamlessly connecting investors to real estate opportunities in their local regions. 

Through Blocksquare’s advanced real estate tokenization protocol, users can digitize real estate assets at a fraction of the traditional cost, making it the quickest way to launch an online marketplace. The introduction of Oceanpoint adds a new layer to Blocksquare’s established tokenization infrastructure, offering borderless access to real estate financing for anyone with an internet connection. 

With these capabilities, Blocksquare is transforming how real estate investments are managed and accessed, ensuring that the process is more efficient, cost-effective, and inclusive for investors worldwide.

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